YouTube videos don’t load: why it happens and how to fix it

When trying to watch a video on YouTube, you can sometimes get stuck. We may have problems playing it by not loading correctly. In this article we are going to talk about  why this can happen and what we can do to avoid it. In this way, we can watch videos on this popular online platform from our devices without interruptions. The causes can be diverse, as we will see

Why are YouTube videos not showing?

There are different reasons that can affect when loading of a YouTube video. Some will depend on the connection, the system we use, and possible programs that are interfering… We are going to see the main ones and later we will see what to do.

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Connection failures

The first possible problem that we must take into account is that there is a failure with the connection. If we cannot connect to the Internet correctly, obviously it will influence when loading YouTube videos. These problems could constantly stop a video and even not play at all. For example, if we have very weak coverage or the contracted rate has a very limited speed and prevents the videos from being played correctly.

We must bear in mind that YouTube uses a buffer so as not to have to continuously download the data and have pixelations and even stoppages. Thanks to this buffer that we have available by default, when we load a video it will take a few seconds until it is displayed, what the browser does behind is store this information in a buffer so that, in the event of a cut in the WiFi or wired connection, we can continue playing the video without many problems. if you still face this issue of youtube youre offline check your connection pc then follow the below options.

Logically, there comes a time when the video continues to progress and you need to download new data, in the event that there is no Internet connection available, the video will be irretrievably stopped.

Update your graphics card drivers

One of the reasons why we may be having problems viewing videos on YouTube, among other things, is that we may have a compatibility problem with our GPU. The good news is that these types of problems are usually resolved quite easily and it is usually enough to update our graphics drivers to enjoy watching our favorite content creators on YouTube again.

To update our graphics card drivers we just have to follow a few simple steps and we can do it in a few seconds. The first thing is to go to the start of Windows and look for the device manager there. Once in it, we must find in the display adapters the one indicated by our GPU.

Once we find it, we right-click on our driver and select the Update driver option and then select the option to update drivers automatically. Once we do it, we simply have to follow the instructions that they indicate and our driver will be updated.

Another option that we have to update our drivers for our GPU is simply by going to the website of our manufacturer, be it NVIDIA or AMD and there simply filtering by our graphics model we can download the driver that corresponds to it.

Synchronize the date and time

Although it may seem strange to us that the date and time of our system have something to do with being able to play videos on YouTube, the reality is that it can lead to problems with the platform and be one of the reasons why it doesn’t. It’s working correctly.

This is due to the fact that, since it does not coincide correctly with Google’s servers, there is a problem at the synchronization level as it is not correctly configured. The good thing is that we can easily correct it by updating our date and time automatically and everything will be ready.

Browser issues

The browser could also be the cause of YouTube videos not loading correctly. After all, it is the most used program to play content of this type on a computer and it can be affected by different problems. For example, it could happen that there is a problem with the cookies and stored cache, that the browser has been infected by some adware, etc. It is important to consider this possibility.

The most recommended web browser to watch YouTube videos is Google Chrome. This browser is perfectly optimized to consume as few resources as possible and play YouTube with the highest quality at all times. Because it’s a Google service, Chrome is specifically designed to work really well with YouTube. In the past, other competing web browsers have complained to Google that their web browsers were consuming a lot of resources when playing YouTube videos, although this is currently not the case, if you are using a browser other than Chrome and having problems with YouTube, our recommendation is that you try the Google browser.

Some program is interfering

This cause is also common when we encounter failures related to the Internet connection. We may have some software installed on the computer that is affecting it. For example, it is usually a VPN, firewall, or even an antivirus. In these cases with interfering programs, the main problem is in some parental control that we have activated and that does not allow us to get into YouTube. Sometimes security programs can understand the use of certain applications or when running content as a security threat.

It may also be the case that we have a firewall that is preventing the connection to the popular video portal, and even that it is the VPN. There are currently VPNs that can be configured to block connections to YouTube so that company employees do not entertain themselves on the popular video portal. In this aspect, it is also important to take this into account.

Malware in the system

Of course, we could also be facing some security problems. It may be that a virus has entered the system and is blocking the connection or that the browser has been affected by some type of malware that prevents it from working properly. This cause may be behind problems such as cuts when playing videos on YouTube, for example. This makes it necessary to always monitor security. I hope now issue of youtube youre offline check your connection pc is solved

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